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The world's two largest third-party hotel management group

Date: 2019-09-07

North America's largest independent hotel management company, bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) and independent influx of multinational hotel operators chau (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) signed the merger of the final agreement, become the global leader in third party hotel management service.The merged company will manage the 49 states and 20 countries more than 1400 brands and independent property portfolio.The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Expect the em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) and state escape (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) will have scale, resources and global influence, to strengthen the leading hotel services continue to provide financial and investment support for hotel partners, and create a positive experience for guests.Hotel owner benefit from the scale of the global platform, enhance the capacity of data and analysis, the top talent, and increases the support and resources, including sales, marketing, electronic commerce and revenue management, such as infrastructure, thus, further development will make the merged company and international expansion.

According to a 2019 in the magazine "HOTELS" in the rank of global management, em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) global ranking 17, a total of 834 HOTELS management, more than 100000 hotel rooms.Continent escape (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) was ranked no. 21, a total of 481 hotels management, more than 80000 rooms.After the merger, two hotels group, a total of more than 180000 rooms management expects global hotel group ranking ascension 2 bits to 15.

Em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) co-founder and chief executive of Dave Johnson will become the chief executive of the combined business.Continent escape (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) President and chief executive Michael Deitemeyer will become global President, is responsible for the supervision and global operations and the enterprise management, the combined company will have a pool of more than 60000 employees.

"Em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) very glad to have this opportunity to state escape (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) cooperation, allow us to bring more value to the hotel owner" chau escape (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) co-founder and chief executive Dave Johnson said."Our comprehensive scale will ensure more powerful data obtained and the best talent, in order to make us become a leading hotel managers.Personally, I am very glad to work with Mike Deitemeyer, he is a good friend, a respected industry leader.

"Em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality), President and CEO Mike Deitemeyer said:" our global portfolio of unity we have our own talent and expertise, to ensure that we provide the best in all the hotel product category of business."

Advent International is one of the world's largest private equity investors, earlier this year bought "em bridgit (Aimbridge Hospitality) a majority stake in, and will obtain a majority stake in the combined entity.

"Through the merger, under the ownership of the Advent, em bridgit escape and state can build up a platform, by optimizing the value of the owner, top talent and global expansion to distinguish the merged company," em bridgit President Glenn Murphy said.

"We are delighted with Mike Deitemeyer escape and state (Interstate Hotels&Resorts) team has established the valuable cooperation, and thanks to their efforts to establish state from a global leader in the field of hotel management as a third party.

The deal is subject to regulatory approval and customary closing conditions.Is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Goldman Sachs&Co. LLC and Moelis&Company LLC as a financial adviser, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton&Garrison LLP as Interstate legal adviser.Ropes&Gray LLP as Aimbridge legal adviser.