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This year 'night economy', released new potential 'night' state

Date: 2019-12-30

Like "night of spring breeze comes suddenly," night economy "fire all over China, the potential of" light "become a hot topic.A year, with the new "night" state constantly emerging, night service more perfect, many cities "night" economic development is entering "version 2.0".

"Night economy", "China night" lit up

Width alley, chengdu people are enjoying hot pot, hot, while enjoying the wonderful sichuan opera face;Xi 'an "datang city that never sleeps" pedestrian street, dressed in the tang dynasty trappings of "reality" daruma "" waitresses, dance, whirling about attracting tourists stop to watch;Changsha liberation road, "night makeup division" busy to participate in social activities at night people provide makeup service...

For more and more Chinese people, the night, the life is just beginning.

Drops, according to data since this year, the city business circle night travel demand soared, a marked increase in the average night called singular;According to Shanghai business development research center, monitoring, 2019 Shanghai shopping festival period, the city's 100 key business enterprises to achieve revenue of 18.861 billion yuan, the night after 7 PM turnover year-on-year growth of 22.6%.

"Night" state, with all kinds of new cities gradually get rid of the "night of the economy" is the traditional food snacks, city economy, gradually formed and purchasing, food, accommodation, and entertainment, health, and a diversified consumer market at night.

Light show, music live, immersive interactive exhibition...New Year approaching, a series of "imagination" cultural activities in each big business circle in Beijing have staged at night., deputy general manager of Beijing grand hyatt hotel Sun Yunchu tells a reporter, the hotel will jointly xidan Joy City, launched in 31 "across years of sleepless" theme activities, when consumers can participate in indoor treasure hunt, electronic music party, such as multiple projects experience, market will also cooperate with makeup brand, for customers tailored makeup look across the years.

Walk in the xuhui district of Shanghai, in "ferguson lane" or "in the yongping", art galleries, florist, fashionable life the characteristics such as small and old buildings, shops along the street light is downy, music soothing, flagship "static, elegant, soft" multiple formats of the compound "night economy", a "slow life" for the city.

Commerce circulating industry promotion center, researchers said Frances chan as local awareness "night economy" gradually thorough, derived a number of different themes, each has its own characteristics at night for economic form, supply side window appear frequently.

Reject "feline winter", "night economy" in the north

Due to reasons such as climate, geographical position, how to develop "night economy" was once a problem in many northern cities.And reporters recently traveled to part of the northern city of research found that although in the depth of winter around the "night" economic development is not cool.

Winding fluctuant hill scenic area, the mountain building of Chinese style style...During this year's "11", one called "the mountain" indoor brigade town at changchun, can eat to go to take pictures, you can also see the performance, do crafts, "the mountain" opened a became citizens scrambled clock "web celebrity resort".

Changchun resident ms wu told reporters that in previous years because it's too cold, seldom go out at night.Since the "mountain" is it after opening, almost every week to himself and his family at a time."Never thought of indoor can travel, food and drink to play the majestic, children like to old man."

Changchun and the mountain have a business tour development co., LTD., general manager of Lv Xingyan introduction, opened nearly three months, "the mountain" weekday and weekend day traffic reached 1.5 m and 35000 m, including passenger flow at night for more than half.

Do "cold" article opportunely, disadvantage also can become advantages.In winter, many are relying on the ice and snow resources development economy at night in northern China.Harbin make ice and snow "glass city";Shenyang to hold the lights one festival "and" the ice dragon boat competition "and other activities;Urumqi launched "ski + night market" and "ski + hot spring" characteristics nightscape products such as...

Frances chan said, "night" economic development around the base, the northern cities as long as adjust measures to local conditions, relying on its endowment advantage, "cold" can also burst "thermal effect".

Service, management at night "not close" finer

Under strong demand, a series of policies to promote the development of "night economy" have issued.Article 13 the specific measures, Beijing further economic prosperity night;Shanghai district "night" "nightlife, chief executive officer";Chengdu introduced to speed up the construction of international consumer city plan of action;"The brand, the whole domain is proposed in xian, specialization, internationalization" xian vigil economic...

Hot "night economy" makes a big test for urban governance capabilities.How to solve the people go out at night the trouble back at home?Reporter survey found that over the past year, improve urban services around security, management is more and more fine, good night.

Shenyang December on-line dynamic bus services "drops bus", combining traditional bus and sharing about car, a bus need not fixed site operation, meet the demand of citizens convenient travel at night;Service center in changsha city was established by tianxin night economy, by setting up a "night housekeeping, open public service hotline" night economy ", etc, timely coordinate processing all kinds of problems, which guarantees consumer activity at night...

Government "hard" good services, the businessman also in action.Less than 500 meters in Shanghai jing 'an district dagu road, streets, gathered from 16 countries and regions, more than 70 merchants.The past due to dealer in tension, the highest monthly complaints has more than hundred.Critical moment, merchants set up committee "autonomy", to develop the convention, self-management, consciously over 11 PM every night outside the placement, reduce noise, to become a model of harmonious business relations in.

Business association of Shanghai JiXiaoZhai pointed out that as the "night" economic development in some cities into the "2.0", "night" economic development in order to stimulate consumption, not only on behalf of the city's nightlife culture and charm more.To encourage more new formats at night at the same time, also want to improve the supporting facilities, balance the public demands, focus on building form of industry ecology economy new landmark at night.